Is Arranged Marriage a better decision?

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Marriage is not a thing of tenure, but it’s a lifelong decision that changes your entire life. It’s not only you that amends yourself, but your spouse also faces the same. Whether it’s a love marriage or arranged, the relationship becomes beautiful with the beautiful bond that two people share. Sometimes the person we already know, and love seems most annoying after marriage, and sometimes two strangers become soul partners after marriage.


Arranged marriage is a traditional way Indians used to follow since ages. But we can’t say that this is a backward idea. People do weddings as per their parents’ choice, but now these marriages seem more beautifully nurtured than love marriages. People don’t marry instantly with a stranger. They come to know each gradually and decide whether they want to be each other’s life partner or not. The thing that differentiates arranged marriage from love marriage is that parents do not object meeting the two persons whereas if the couple is in love, they sometimes have to catch up secretively and have to hide their love. Here are some of the features of arranged marriages that will change your mind towards arranged marriages.

Social Compatibility between the couple

When parents search for a bride or groom for their children, they come across many things such as family background, culture, religion, values, social status, economic background, etc. When you are in love, you don’t bother about these things. When you are going to opt for an arranged marriage, these things matter a lot and further prove to be a great benefit in making the partners compatible. The similarity in values and culture makes you understand each other efficiently and results in a stronger relationship bond.

Equal Respect for each other

The plus point of an arranged marriage is taking care of your family’s esteem and pride. To keep up the dignity of the family, both the partners become responsible and try not to do anything that spoils their relation and embarrass their families. That’s why both the spouses make efforts to make their marriage work successfully. Therefore, the couple respects each other equally and understand each others’ feelings better. The destiny takes advantage of this feeling that both the couples have for each other and their families and make them even stronger as a couple.

Sharing a great bond with the family

When you marry a person of your parents’ choice, you receive more respect and love from both the families. It is essential for a person to share a great bond with your spouse’s family. You are going to get another family when you are marrying. It is important to get love and support of your in-laws' families as well. Having a good relationship bond with the family makes you feel comfortable in your new family. In arranged marriages, you will have the benefits of receiving love from your families. Your family will not step back even when you need their support if you marry a person of their choice.

Immense understanding

When your families involve in a relationship, you care about your families more than yourself. You don’t feel uncomfortable making little adjustments so that your family doesn’t get stressed. Sometimes more significant changes also don’t seem to be a problem for the couples. They start understanding each other and make adjustments just to keep their partner comfortable.


Arranged marriages do not make love as their base for a healthy relationship. It’s all about mutually trusting each other on the commitments they do. When you are marrying a person, you are committing to be together. This commitment steadily changes into love and then to a habit of living with each other that doesn't change in any way. Their engagement with each other makes their bond stronger with each passing day.


A relationship depends on two person’s attitude towards each other. It is essential for a couple to be mutually respectful towards each other and their families. Mutual trust and understanding are necessary for a relationship to work whether it’s an arranged marriage or love marriage. However, there are higher chances in arranged marriages to have all these features along with the support of the family. We can say that arranged marriage is a good decision one can take. Love marriages are also successful where the couples have immense love for each other and respect for their families too as when you are marrying a person; you are marrying his/her family also.

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